Located on 700 m above sea level, the idyllic spa and health resort Foiana/Völlan is surrounded by vineyards, chestnut groves and orchards. The hamlet is part of the larger village Lana, situated in a strategic position at the heart of the Val d'Adige/Etschtal valley between the popular cities of Merano/Meran (10 km) and Bolzano/Bozen (25 km), the capital of South Tyrol. Foiana/Völlan and its surroundings are famous for their modern, family-friendly atmosphere and excellent quality of life.

The scenery around the bustling village is characterised by meadows, woods, scented orchards and vineyards. There are plenty of hiking trails offering breath-taking views out onto the Val d'Adige/Etschtal valley, with a number of taverns and restaurants along the way. Foiana/Völlan with its many chestnut groves is popular for its golden autumns when the chestnuts are ripe and locals and visitors alike gather under the star-lit evening sky for mouth-watering feasts in good company.


Located at the southernmost tip of the valley basin around Merano/Meran, Lana is the seventh largest village in South Tyrol. One of the most modern and economically strongest municipalities in the region, it is divided into three sections (Lana di Sopra/Oberlana, Lana di Mezzo/Mitterlana and Lana di Sotto/Niederlana) and offers its 12000 inhabitants the advantage of living in a rural environment with a culturally thriving urban centre.


The Foiana/Völlan "cobalt hill" was the first spot around Lana to attract prehistoric settlers. Today, the hillside is home to the Alpin Fitness campsite. With close to 40 churches, chapels and monasteries, one of which houses the Order of the Teutonic Knights, Lana is a historically significant village and has always played a key role in local Catholic tradition. Several castles, among which Brandis, Leonburg and Braunsberg, strongly mark its picturesque setting ever since the Middle Ages. Today, scenic hiking trails and ancient paths dotted with contemporary art and religious ornaments harmoniously connect the many places of cultural interest and historic sights Lana has to offer.